First Session: Introduction

Our introductory meeting will take place on Thursday 11th February in Room GSB2, 2 Gower Street between 1 and 3pm, and we will discuss Catherine Belsey’s article “The Death of the Reader” (Textual Practice, Volume 23, Issue 2, April 2009, pp. 201-214). The article can be accessed online at Senate House Library from the computers provided and at most other libraries from the University of London. Hard copies should also be available.

The session’s focus will be on the following:

- Is the reader dead?

- “Critical biography is not an aid to reading but a substitute for it” (p. 212). Is this true?

- Are the “Death of the Author” and the “Death of the Reader” mutually exclusive?

- “Literature can be dangerous” (p. 203). Is reading a political act?


  1. Hi. Is this reading group open to everyone, or only University of London students?

  2. Hi Mohammed. The group is open to postgraduate students of any university (literature students in particular, although this is not set in stone).

  3. Thank you, Dan. Will the building be open to everyone, or do I need ID or anything?

    Thanks (and sorry for the thousand questions!).

  4. You'll probably have to sign in, but I don't think you'll need ID.