Session 4: Speaker: Dr Simon Glendinning (Wednesday 24th November)

For our next session, we are thrilled to welcome as a guest speaker Dr Simon Glendinning (LSE), who will be giving a talk entitled 'The Deepest Wounds: On Blows to Narcissism'.

The session will take place on
Wednesday 24th November in room G35, Senate House, between 6 and 8pm. All are welcome to attend.

Simon is Reader in European Philosophy at the London School of Economics, and Director of the LSE Forum for European Philosophy. He realised he could make a career in philosophy when he spent two hours successfully untangling the twisted strings of a stunt kite. Wittgenstein says that 'philosophy unties knots in our thinking; hence its results must be simple, but philosophizing has to be as complicated as the knots it unties'. Simon has a BPhil and a DPhil in Philosophy from Oxford University and has been exploring knots for a living since 1994. He is still not clear whether philosophy is a complicated education for grown-ups or just a simple occupation for grown-ups who never made it beyond childhood.


DVD Screening: 'Democracy and Disappointment: Alain Badiou and Simon Critchley in Conversation' (Monday 15th November)

We are holding an extra session on Monday 15th November, during which we will be screening Democracy and Disappointment: Alain Badiou and Simon Critchley in Conversation. This will be followed by a short discussion. The session will take place in room G35, Senate House, from 6-8pm. All are welcome to attend.


Session 3: The Politics of Disappointment (Wednesday 10th November)

Our next session will take place on Wednesday 10th November in room ST276, Stewart House, from 5.30-7.30pm (please note the slightly earlier than usual start time). We will be looking at two extracts by Simon Critchley: one from Infinitely Demanding (2007), and one from the Preface, Preamble, and Introduction to Very Little... Almost Nothing (second edition, 2004). You can download the extracts by following the links below:

Infinitely Demanding (London: Verso, 2008)

Very Little... Almost Nothing (Oxford: Routledge, 2005)

As optional further reading, we also suggest 'Lecture 1' of Very Little... Almost Nothing, entitled 'Il y a', which is avalable for download below:

'Lecture 1: 'Il y a''

We welcome postgraduate students from all disciplines.